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  1. NeO_RealJay

    New world?

    Do you feel Eco is in need of a new world? If you feel it does, please state why. If you don't feel it does, then fear not. I'm just testing the water!
  2. NeO_RealJay

    Joelz Verified Request 2.0

    I'm not saying you don't deserve this rank because I'm not the one to ask... but on the topic (excuse the pun) helping new people and informing them about certain topics... You're more than capable of doing so without being "trusted" :^) Perhaps the thing you're best off saying is something along the lines of - "As a veteran player myself, I'd like to feel that new comers/players have enough trust in me to ask for any type of help" ??
  3. NeO_RealJay


    Sick lol
  4. NeO_RealJay

    Verify Request

    He's kidding lol
  5. NeO_RealJay

    Verify Request

    What way you want me to do you? ;)
  6. NeO_RealJay

    Verify Request

    Agree. You're suspicious ;)
  7. NeO_RealJay

    Creative Request

    Hey, Mox! Can I advise... when you give your reasoning for why you should be considered for being added - Tell us how creative works isn't giving a reason! Perhaps something with terms of: building ideas for server - i.e. maybe ideas for new /home areas etc. Hope this helped! :D
  8. NeO_RealJay

    UnBan Afk Fishing Request

    The fact is, you have the time/money to leave your PC/laptop on all day to afk. What about people who are less fortunate and cannot benefit from that. I understand you can just follow a tutorial to build one. But people who don't know about it are again, less fortunate. Why should we allow you to just afk all day on most likely an alt account to gain items and play on main doping regular stuff. Maybe people with not so great devices can do this - Meaning they are at a less advantage.
  9. NeO_RealJay

    Request for creative world

    Clearly not. You won't be accepted unless you properly read the rules and actually post a request.
  10. NeO_RealJay

    Request for creative world

    Well if you read the topic I linked you then...
  11. NeO_RealJay

    Request for creative world

    Hi, If you want access to the creative world, then I suggest you read this topic before posting:
  12. Your in-game name. Reason why we should consider adding you to this world. What your intentions are in the sense of what you plan to do in the world. Are you aware of any upcoming holidays/vacations or other reasons that will mean you will be inactive for a prolonged period of time? Eevvsislluft. You should consider me because...well, why wouldn't you is the question? ;) plan, learn, help etc. None that interfere with this.
  13. NeO_RealJay

    unban request

    If you forget the rules then you need to review them VERY often.
  14. NeO_RealJay

    upset to this server

    Well, that's alright. We don't want you if your attitude is like that.

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