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  1. uh oh
  2. incomplete

    Just make a new one
  3. incomplete

    Please make a new request.
  4. unbanned

    The only person that can do anything here is Anderson himself. He's the one that banned you.
  5. incomplete

    Thanks for this. Good to see you're being helped! Also, please see post linked below for guidance on how to be considered for the Private World! - Jay.
  6. Dealt with, thanks!
  7. denied

    I have no impact whether this will affect acceptance/declination, but I would personally accept you. You're very active and abide by all rules as well as pointing other players towards the right direction when it comes to respect/attitude. Thanks for your help.
  8. Let's take a look on your warns on account named: "Amre" At the moment in time I am looking at your current server warns - You've obtained a lot of warns. spamming - by: me insulting & using another account to insult - by: SeniorWizard/NeO_Wizard spamming with TP requests - by: me spam & insulting again (banned 5 days) - by: SeniorWizard/NeO_Wizard for spamming + mute evading to spam impersonating an admin (in itself is not good) - by: me insulting other players, 7 day ban & multiple previous warns(7 including this one) - by: Maccatackz ban evading using the name "Darkside" - by: Cococonor97 see previous warns for Amre + "alikku" - by: warrior4894/NeO_Warrior Now, let's take a look on your warns on account named: "Alikku" insulting players & also the server - by: SeniorWizard/NeO_Wizard sharing large amounts of money with account "Amre - by: Warrior4894/NeO_Warrior Finally, let's take a look on your warns on account named: "Darkside" ban evading account "Amre" - by: Cococonor97--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, now let's see... In total, you've collected yourself an impressing amount of: 12! 12 is the amount of warnings I expect 4 people to get to then realise that they're doing wrong. I also couldn't help but notice "And a last message to all others players : NEVER NEVER NEVER do something to make admins angry !!" It seems that you are implying that you're a troublesome player from what I can see. If any admin objects to what i'm saying - feel free to edit and sign. At this moment in time I am going to have to keep your ban in place. If you feel i'm being unfair to some extent, please made a new post and elaborate as to why I should lift the ban with some good evidence as to proof that you have changed and that you'll have a better attitude towards the server, others and yourself. - Jay.
  9. First of all, you will need to uninstall the pack and re-install. Make sure it's version 1.10. Secondly, as you said, you're not white listed. You'll have to be added before you can join. Hope this helps (Y)
  10. I've dealt with this now. Thank you.
  11. Actioned again, thank you. YouTube lol
  12. Actioned. Thank you.
  13. taking
  14. Topic locked: - H/A confirmation.


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