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  1. Te veo el Lunes en la noche!!

  2. Miss you mi boluda preferida!!

  3. Could you please answer on IRC, obsidian?

  4. You should watch how the map is going, it's almost done.

  5. Bro, are you on skype/irc?

  6. Im gonna to visit my dad and meet my uncle's son

  7. Bro, I will travel tomorrow so I have no idea when will I get back to play.. Anyway I will be checking the forum. Btw, nice pic

  8. I'm sorry about that, I'm writing/doing stuff at forum by the cellphone and It's annoying cause I do everything too slow. Btw, did you delete his post or something? Cause I can't see it now.

  9. I'm sorry for typods but It's just because of my stupid cellphone D:. I hope you understood me

  10. Hey Voltron. I've just noticed you're a littke interest edabout MTA and I wanted to say you're welcome in-game. I would like to check your skills so feel free to join us whenever you want

  11. Well we are packing and we will finish today. We are gonna move tomorrow and monday so probably I will be playing at tuesday.

  12. I'm the 1st, awyea!

  13. Welp, my profile views is bugged in 2019 around 2 weeks ago, lol

  14. Oh, a hard girl.. right?

  15. Brooo♥.

    I miss you:c

  16. Oh, thanks for the invitation, man.. Atm I'm having many problems in real life, so I'll pm you when I can, ok?

  17. Duffy, may you please come to the game? sec please

  18. Happy birthday, baby !!