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  1. cantu4

    Minecraft Super Hardcore World?

    I think this would be pretty cool. Would be an interesting experiment to try out.
  2. cantu4

    IRC for the Server

    Thanks DJ. I also feel that this would be a great opportunity for those that don't play MC. By having a small network of channels anybody could talk and it would have great in-game benefits as well. If somebody could bring this to Anderson's attention that would be great.
  3. cantu4

    IRC for the Server

    Thanks for all of the input. I feel that there's no reason not to do this. It doesn't cause lag and it's easy to set up. It has no harm, just help.
  4. cantu4

    Know any good co-op games?

    Would I be able to run Killing Floor on a low spec laptop?
  5. cantu4

    IRC for the Server

    I feel the same way. I think IRC is much faster and more useful in many ways.
  6. cantu4

    IRC for the Server

    Hey guys, So some of you may know me from the old server. I spent a majority of my time on SA-MP and Minecraft but would occasionally hop onto Team Fortress 2 and MTA. One of my favorite things was Internet Relay Chat (IRC). For those who don't know, IRC was used to communicate with players from your phone, tablet, computer or other mobile device. Admins had commands that allowed them to ban, warn, and check warns and other players had several commands as well. I feel that IRC was a fundamental piece of keeping in touch, even when players couldn't be in game. I'm making this petition to judge interest in adding IRC, and to hopefully have it added to the server. This would be a great way for admins to keep control and for players to interact even when they can't be in the game. Please leave your feedback below and we can see if this great feature can be part of Team-NeO once again. I appreciate your consideration, cantu4
  7. cantu4

    The forum has returned!

    Hey friends of old and new! Nice hearing from you all again and look forward to seeing you in game!

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