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  1. CharlieTrike

    CharlieTrike has been promoted to: Minecraft Verified

    Thanks all:)
  2. CharlieTrike

    Verification request

    Hello, I have decided to make another verification request as my last one didn't go quite to plan. I would like to be a verified player as I am very loyal to Team NeO and always have been. I have been playing at NeO coming up to 4 years now and I don't intend to stop anytime soon, I am also very active so you will see me online many hours of the day. I intend to help players in all ways possible even if it involves me giving items and I always report a rule breaker when I spot one. I personally think i'm trustworthy so I hope you all think i'm suitable for the role of a verified player. Thanks again for reading
  3. CharlieTrike

    Verification request

    Hello, Some of you may already know me but I recently started playing Minecraft again after a short break. I first joined NeO in 2012 so I think it's time to apply for something.I have always enjoyed it here at NeO and I hope you can trust me. Thanks for reading.
  4. Come on Skype, YOooouu



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