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  1. CS:GO Team

    Oh Gibbs you remember me? I do play cs go a looot, NVm, Im from ecuador its very far away from it ;'v im legendary eagle its good to came back here after a long time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. The time, It has come to destroy

  3. THOOOOOOOOR , Answer me in skype!

  4. /me Touches NeO_Danger tigly with a needle

  5. Woot Happy Birthday Ninja

  6. WoooT! Happy Birthday Dashy >:D

  7. Sorry Wiz but i for join in team neo forum fast i have saved you profile on my google :^)

  8. You Always ignore me on IRC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. OH MY MATE! Happy birthday!

  10. Okay you love mayah :[ I am alone

  11. Is because you are ninja :|

  12. !slap NeO_Ninja 100 metters - 100% Damage

  13. /me faps on Wiz face

  14. I like you Signature o,o Because Assassins Creed 3 Final make me cry :^)

  15. Welcome to the forums baby

  16. Welcome to the forum ! BABY !