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  1. NeO_Warrior

    banned for insulting,spam,ban evading

    Since it has been almost 2 years since you were permanently banned and most people do change in 2 years, I have unbanned you. But you should know that if you do break the rules again you will be permanently banned again.
  2. NeO_Warrior

    Request to get unbanned (range ban)

    I think you misunderstood, you will be unbanned this time around, but if you break any rules again, or if your "friend" breaks any rules again, you will be rebanned.
  3. NeO_Warrior

    Unban Request

    If you did type /rules, you would see that rule 14 is Rule 14: Do not create ALT accounts in order to gain additional sethomes or similar abilities. Punishment: Anything upto a ban. Also I would hope that it didn't need to be explicitly stated in the rules that you shouldn't avoid bans, it's like telling people not to escape from jail, something that should be obvious.
  4. NeO_Warrior

    Private World request

    The private world doesn't give you creative mode, all the things built there have been built in survival.
  5. NeO_Warrior

    Banned for joking around with a friend

    Perhaps we might be being impartial (we're not), but even google, which is a collaboration with tens of thousands of people agrees that 'negro' is offensive.
  6. NeO_Warrior

    Scotty69 Kill Aura Hack?

    While that mod might work in singleplayer, it is impossible for it to work on a multiplayer server, unless you somehow manage to hack the server and I would think the chances of that are extremely low. So you might say that he replicated this on a singleplayer world because he was really out to get you, and somehow managed to get the chat to look exactly like the normal server chat because fair enough, that is possible. But this did happen on the server because the chat lines up with that from the server chatlogs. Topic locked and marked as resolved. Warning issued. Player banned 7 days.
  7. NeO_Warrior

    Scotty69 Hacking

    Scotty, I understand that if you are falsely accused you may not like it, but please try to be less patronising.
  8. NeO_Warrior

    Warning Removal Request

    Topic locked and marked as resolved
  9. NeO_Warrior

    Warning Removal Request

    Your warn history is: Reason: foul language/abusive. (see log) Admin:neo_realjay Stamp: 2017-01-14 18:52:31 Reason: disrespecting players - been warned many times Admin: minekraft59 Stamp: 2017-01-20 13:28:45 Reason: for flying hacks andd leaving after advise Admin: kangopt Stamp: 2017-01-20 19:40:27 Reason: Continuation of previous warning - Banned for 1 week (3rd warning still) Admin: gammajon Stamp: 2017-01-20 19:49:55 The 3rd and 4th warn are actually the same warn, so you really have 3. I can only assume that perhaps GammaJon forgot to add the punishment that was put in place for the 3rd warn, and since there is no way to edit an already placed warn, he had to do a 4th "warn" that explained the situation if another player was to look it up. So rest assured, that you still only have 3 warns, just that the 3rd one was split into 2 /warns.
  10. Action taken. Topic locked and marked as resolved.
  11. From checking the logs, alikku has been sending large amounts of money to amre, but to your claims that they are the same person because they never move at the same time, unfortunately we can't do anything without proof. What myrvalco says is correct, 2 different players are allowed to have their own biz's as long as its not used to circumvent the one biz per person limit. The issue is determining if that is their intentions. If you can get some video proof of them being the same person, that would help this report a lot. From checking the logs, alikku has been sending large amounts of money to amre, which is not allowed between players of the same IP address.
  12. NeO_Warrior

    Nela11's Fifth Time Flying

    What do I think?
  13. NeO_Warrior

    BlueFlameMaster has been promoted to: Minecraft Verified

    i too want to know, i only remember vip, lvl7 and lvl8
  14. NeO_Warrior


    Hi there, just sit tight and wait for a head admin to fix this up for you. Some people get frustrated at a lack of response since there isn't much that regular admins can do so I thought I would let you know that this has been noted by someone! But be patient, it may take a few days.

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