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  1. Left This server bye

  2. /me Fails To Steal Vidas Beer

    [Operator]NeO_Vidas has banned F50(Reason:Beer Stealing)

  3. Burner went F50 Came,Hi all i am F50,Burner's cousin,Burner went away to another contry for the 11th grade& i will be playing in his account!

  4. /me Steals Vidas Beer!!

  5. Hai man...Drikin coke again? XD

  6. Hey man u look sexy :D...Inactive :(

  7. i rated u 5 and made u my friend :D

  8. Hey bozzy u play l4d more?

    Any ways hi!

  9. Hey chippie guess u r inactive :(

  10. Hi someguy o.O sup'?

  11. Heyy...Wait a minute u r a ''Made Man'' u r a female r8 XD

  12. Not in team-neo Sad :(

  13. /me Steals cckk's cookies :P

  14. Tryin For Membership :/

  15. Yo' dude i am fyn and u?

  16. his name is jess,ohh IDK :P