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  1. NeO_Voltron

    FTB Beyond - What some of you are missing out on!

    I love it. :D I'm a big Potter fan... Love magic stuff.
  2. NeO_Voltron

    FTB Beyond - What some of you are missing out on!

    Bae #2, you need to come back. :sad: Why'd you stop playing? Your area is being infested with flowers! Probably because of your apiaries and bees. :laugh: It looks even better now!!! You need to come play! It's so fun! I'm sure you'll love it because I love it!
  3. Just giving you a little taste... This is my home on our FTB server. I took an immediate interest in Pam's Harvestcraft (which is just one of the few hundreds mods this pack has) so that's why I have many trees and crops. At the moment our players include NeO_RealJay, NeO_Carlo, SeniorWizard, cococonor, myrvalco, xfnix and NeO_Anderson. Join us if you will! It's so much better than Vanilla Minecraft!
  4. NeO_Voltron

    pls unban it was all sheep's fault

    I know most of our players are young but they're not young enough to overlook the fact that your "jokes" cross the line. Racist, homophobic and offensive behaviour is unacceptable. If you continue the same behaviour we will have no choice but to range-ban you from all our services because we simply will not tolerate it.
  5. NeO_Voltron

    I d like to be verified

    Do you know what Verified means?
  6. Kangopt has been promoted to: Minecraft Verified
  7. NeO_Voltron

    I'd like to be verified

    Hi aidenisdaboss, A Verified status on Team-NeO means a person worthy of trust. You need to have been active within our community for a while in order to earn trust, not really the other way round. We're confident that Team-NeO is a good choice if you stick around. ;) Good luck!
  8. NeO_Voltron

    {hope to get unbanned and unwarned}

    I came on and told you international bugger?
  9. Our Halloween Event concludes! Congratulations to the winner! Here is the full overview of the scores: [1] cococonor97: 345536 [2] myrvalco: 27319 [3] raja: 11737 [4] seniorwizard: 8654 [5] djladybug: 2021 [6] rubikscuber27: 1152 [7] enjy: 643 [8] witcher_: 384 [9] sweeperkaas: 267 [10] ragthanatos: 99 [11] dragothdu381: 65 [12] amr: 64 [13] mich4075: 24 [14] firestarter: 13 [15] thenewcodopsiii: 2 [16] rdj: 2 Total pumpkins this Halloween: 398046
  10. NeO_Voltron


    What a lovely message, thank you MrGamerrr. I mean I totally knew I was gorgeous but you've just reassured me it wasn't false confidence. Thank you! MWAH! ;)
  11. NeO_Voltron

    unban me PLEASE i promise i will not hack

    2016-10-23 16:16:42[MSG]: [Miner]MrGamerrr : I will never get rid of mods lol 2016-10-23 16:16:42[MSG]: [Miner]MrGamerrr : Fvck everyone 2016-10-23 16:16:42[QUIT]: [Miner]MrGamerrr : has left the server. (MrGamerrr left the game.) Didn't you say you will never get rid of your mods?
  12. NeO_Voltron

    Halloween Event 2016

    Hello NeO baes! This year I bring you another Halloween Event for wonderful prizes that will probably the same as last year's! Last year's winners: http://bit.ly/2eeXrcl *Note that this year will only see to 1 winner... Grim Reaper has set-up a rather tacky monument in our server and it can be located in the middle of the hub! Last year you went through hell JUST to send pumpkin-pies to hell. Hades still has plenty of pies leftover from last Halloween! Grimmy's taking over and he's a little bit more kind. If you're looking to participate for some goodies, get farming! You will need to send Grimmy some PUMPKINS so he can conjure up an army of scarecrows in the Underworld. MWAHAHAHAHA!!! To send Grimmy your pumpkins, go to /spawn hub and head towards his statue. Left-click the stone-button located near the entrance whilst holding pumpkins to send them over! Prizes can be viewed in-game inside the Hall of Fame! 1st Place will be announced post-Halloween. Have a spooky holiday!
  13. Hello NeO baes! Before it gets any later than our actual birthday (15th October!) NeO_Anderson and I have decided, we're going to give away ten custom 10th Anniversary Elytras. We're going with the lucky number 10 here... If you would like one then please leave your in-game name below! First-come-first-served! Admins are excluded.
  14. NeO_Voltron

    Looking for Graphics Designers

    If you're good at Photoshop or putting together an original piece, get in touch. I have some things you can do for Team-NeO's website and other areas. Rewards are negotiable for your efforts.
  15. cococonor97 has been promoted to: Minecraft Admin

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