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  1. Hey Never :)

    How are you doing mate? hope you are fine.

    I have been alot at MIRC recently, would be nice to see ya again.

    Stay healthy =)

  2. Hey sexy Magoo, it's been almost a year, I hope you are doing good, nothing really changed here, same old, same old, catch ya on irc :3

  3. Hey sexy Never I am back where are you :)

  4. Hey sexy Never I am back where are you :)

  5. Last Active: Jun 19 2012 07:12 PM :[

    Hope you are having time of your life, sexy_mango

  6. Cookies for all of ya!

  7. *Stays to eat the food.

  8. wheres the cookies gone!?......


  10. Hi SinrOne. I feel bored so I had a look for ya profile. :D

  11. Welcome to my profile. Have a nice stay :D