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  1. Gta samp

    I still have them, yes.
  2. Gta samp

    That's because you smell.
  3. Gta samp

    What's up?
  4. Llama, GLaDOS is a potato, so you are a potato?

  5. why denied my post Im not know but wait for days to be considered a really degrading to accept that those who send mail yesterday

  6. how do I request to become admin

  7. how do I request to become admin

  8. LIama great movys on youtube whit jou from 2008

  9. Your signature link is not working properly,the 2nd one i think

  10. Hello, long time no see. It seems that your message was cut off. What were you saying?

  11. Amazing that you are still active on this site, I have no idea for what reason I have visited this site, one could say it's like visiting an old neighborhood where one once grew up, mostly out of curiosity

    Yes you definitely stand out compared to the pathetic nasty kids that one had to interact with, it's nice to see a familiar name once in a while, I wish you all the best and a pr...

  12. Hey Llama i heard House will have a new season.Guess you're saved!

  13. Minecraft Guide

    If it is already registered, then somebody has already registered that name, you would have to pick a different name and or contact NeO_Anderson