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  1. Requesting video evidence for warning

    i was just asking for the video, since someone told me iam allowed to request it. "Without seeing the video, I already know you xrayed" do you mean you havent even looked at the evidence or do i misunderstand this? I even lie on this appeal dont know whats lying on asking for evidence, and dident even accused them of abusing power just wanted to discuss it, and yes it is important since it is the reason for my ban appeal.
  2. Requesting video evidence for warning

    thats not the video i requested... i requsted for the 28th of november, this is from the 26th of november where i was warned by kangopt, but i also received a second warning. this is not the video i was talking about...
  3. Simply requesting the captured video evidence from 28/11/2018 for xXstylerXx for using x-ray. (I think the admin was myrvalco. Or kangopt not sure anymore...)