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  1. My Argentavis is gone

    My bird died and incredible as it may seem (the internet here in Brazil sucks) happened again and but this time I found my bird. and it was relatively easy to find. as the friend answered the previous topic, I searched the area well and there she was flying high, I came close and whistled and she came, I think she came just before I whistled, when I entered her range. The funny thing is that the first eagle that disappeared the server only reported "your argentavis was dead". I did not say that I was hungry or that I killed. Thanks for support Neo-Anderson and Reotte.
  2. My Argentavis is gone

    Thank you for the answer and support. i think i was going crazy or just a bad luck guy
  3. I was playing and in approaching flight to my base and suddenly the internet crashed. It took almost an hour to get back and when I finally logged in I was in the same place only in the water, but my bird disappeared. by the inventory of the tribe she did not die. but simply disappeared. I've been all round to look for it and find it nowhere. I have two twins Argentavis called Arg (level 237) e Mara (level 238), Mara is missing