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  1. Ah thanks fam, you too :)
  2. Hi, My in game name is lois_nta and I'd like to join the creative world. I have no bans, warns or what so ever. I really like building stuff and I believe in can do more in creative than in survival and it would be nice to build some things in the creative world. I have no upcoming holidays or vacations or other reason that will mean I might be inactive for a while. Kind regards, Loïs
  3. unbanned unban

  4. staff

    Tell your mom I said hi
  5. upset to this server

    If you wouldn't have tried to log in to my account, it would have saved you a warning tho. Thinking emoji.
  6. Music. Unicorns. Wabbits...

    ^ 7/10, not my genre but like the song Genre: meme (hardbass)
  7. Sorry I did what? After saying you want to rape everyone and everything, nobody wants you on the server. Or saying you fuck someones grandma. Sorry for telling the truth?