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  1. roughtoast Verrified

    Hey Rough, it's been awhile :P good luck though
  2. My request to join the private world

    Sure thing. Thanks everyone :P
  3. Resetting the End City

    Or you can just disable flying, like in hub, for example.
  4. Request to be verified

    Good luck
  5. Good day, My in-game name is Gogo927 and I've been playing since late 2012. I don't have any warning points based on griefing others' builds. I would build myself a new large residence, to begin with. Then mayhaps, if I were accepted, you would've seen my other abominations I've built, or I could even cooperate with other players, as long as you entrust me into this world. I'm not really interested in harming the server in any way. Since school begins on September 15th, I won't have SO much free time, but I'll still be active.
  6. Just... memories

  7. Unban

    So, your point is that just by using the most harmless mod of all in your modpack is making you innocent???
  8. WoW

    Are there any folks out here who play any Blizz games? On private servers or not, doesn't matter..
  9. Verification Request

    Good luck!
  10. My Music.

    Hey, don't forget your n1 fan!
  11. My Music.

    I'll be ur n1 fan
  12. A story I want to share

    I haven't seen you in-game, but your story's definitely melted my heart. You indeed seem like a good person. Hopefully, I'll see you online soon and actually share a word with you c:. About your topic, best of luck!
  13. New Content?

  14. Verification

    Oh, noes!