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  1. XxTheDeivisLTxX

    Unban request (again..)

    I have ban for ban evading.. Plz unban My nick : XxTheDeivisLTxX I got ban ~2years ago. Plzz unban :/
  2. XxTheDeivisLTxX

    Unban request

  3. XxTheDeivisLTxX

    Unban request

    Can speed up? :P I can't wait more :33 I love this server
  4. XxTheDeivisLTxX

    Unban request

    My In-Game name is: XxTheDeivisLTxX Reason I was banned: ban evading | RangeBanned Reason I should be unbanned: I miss this server, here is my only server where I have to work and what to do .. I got a ban as a fool .. I do not know what's going on for me ... Unbanned I want to play with my friends and achieve achievement ... here's the only server that's there what to do .. Other comments that may help the situation: I was a fool .. I hope you understand me
  5. XxTheDeivisLTxX

    ||Buy DONATOR sms way||

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I have a Proposal. Make That Donator could buy sms way .... Because we have a lot of players on the server who wants to buy a Donator but they 'do not have a PayPatal account, and They Can not Buy The Right Donator. Im sorry for mistakes I Lithuanian ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. XxTheDeivisLTxX

    Unban XxTheDeivisLTxX

    Unban XxTheDeivisLTxX (reban by server)

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