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    Well Hello, i was sad to see my Application being declined and since i saw it I am scratching my head wondering why. Could someone please tell me the reason so i might improve on my inappropriate behaviour or on whatever it is i am missing? Being declined without further notice just makes me feel like i messed up big time, which i hopefully would have noticed, so please someone enlighten me
  2. Ingame Name: Cynomys Age: 23 Since when do I Play BF Hardline: since Release Did i Admin any other BF Hardline Server before: No, the last Time I was an Server Admin was in BF3 Why do I Apply to become an Admin: Because there are often Times when there is no Admin on the Server and People start Dome Camping and Stuff. And I feel i could do good on this Server that i really like by watching after those People when noone else is around, so the Server is as much of a good Experience for others as it is for myself.

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