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  1. Verified Status Request - CarnEviL

    Wow... your report makes my report look like something i pulled out of the trash. Goodluck man and i hope you get verified, if you still play on the server that is.
  2. Verify?

    Well, whenever someone new joins the server, i always tell them that if they have questions i'm always open to ask. If someone needs something and i have it, if i can spare it i always give it to them! Another reason id like to be verified is so people can have a trust worthy source, if they need help with something. When i first joined the server i trusted someone i shoudlnt have and they stole 2 stacks of iron or from me by setting me on fire :sad: . And i hate it when that happens to other people! Thanks for wishing me goodluck too :tongue: .
  3. Verify?

    Hi, i would really like to become verified as i hate it when i see someone getting jipped for there stuff or tricked into losing there stuff >:(. If i have not been on the server for too long then i understand. Although you may not know it yet i'm very trust worthy, and like helping New players, because hey, we've all been there right?


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