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  1. SiSorItO

    Ban time surpassed

    hey its 26/10/2015 and i still banned it end on 25/10 im i right ????
  2. SiSorItO

    Ban for joking ?

    gamma join u reading this now XD ok anderson ill not Ty Though
  3. SiSorItO

    Ban for joking ?

    when it will expire
  4. SiSorItO

    Ban for joking ?

    i was just joking with SenpaiDiamond not insulting him And got banned
  5. SiSorItO RP: Seif Kesraoui The Scourge
  6. SiSorItO


    Hi Im SiSorItO I really wanna be verified cuz i cant do things like chunnk loaders and hoppers near each other and im nice with players and dont insult hope i get verified Ty for reading this ...
  7. SiSorItO

    Hope i get unbanned

    Im i gonna get unbanned ? :/ If i willl ty so so much i will not do any thing can get me banned :"(
  8. SiSorItO

    Hope i get unbanned

    Im really sorry Mr Anderson i apologize to u to maffow to voltron u will see just goood things from me cuz i become pro and never got banned from that time cuz i learned.Team neo was a good start though for playing so i just wanna get unbanned hope u accept my apologize

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