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  1. EmirTekin

    My request

    Thank you :)
  2. EmirTekin


    dat request tho
  3. EmirTekin

    My request

    It does ;)
  4. EmirTekin

    My request

    My second try I want to be an verified player because i like helping people making people happy and making people laugh and to make people trust me of course because when ever i tell them something they dont even listen and that makes me mad in the inside but i wont ever put my madness to the outside I was born in canada we went to turkey(im in turkey atm) When i wake up in turkey its night time in canada and almost no staff is online but me and some about 5 extreme rule breaking players i can help them under stand the rules because i asked one of them on skype(one of them asked to talk to me on skype) about the rules and i was astonished they dont know the rules at all I swear a little bit but im 100 percent sure i wont swear at any player i wont abuse any power i wont make any player sad, mad, i will always make them remember the rules ill make them obey the rules in an happy and fun way ill even make games think about it your making an huge house and look at your name its still white old <EmirTekin> You wish you could change it But you know the only way to change is to request verified status and thats why im here!
  5. He returned with 1 more fake account
  6. EmirTekin

    My request

    I'm an funny and helpfull person i really like playing on servers that its calm and peaceful I play alot of other games I started playing minecraft on its alpha. I was browsing on planet mc server list and i saw this server tbh i thought it was an nub server but when i joined it made me remember old servers where it was calm I love this server:) I made an new request in the replys

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